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We market Easy Vape Vaporizer in combos that will fit any vaporization needs. Easy Vape is a convection style vaporizer, which uses hot air to vaporize medical herbs.

It’s modern; it’s state-of-the-art and is definitely what you need when vaporizing. This digital vaporizer is made from polycarbonate material which not only makes it durable, but also lightweight and extremely reliable


How Easy Vape works

This convection style vaporizer features a sleek round knob on the front with which you are able to adjust the internal ceramic core temperature which is then displayed on the red LCD screen directly above.

One of the most exciting features of the Easy Vape is the ability to adjust the temperature. Using this button enables you set the ideal temperature for vaporizing your type of herbs. As you know the ideal vaporizing temperature can vary, it all depends on the herb's texture and humidity thus having a vaporizer that allows temperature adjustment is a key factor in reaching the ideal clean hit you are dreaming about.

It’s always important that you grind your helps before using this digital vaporizer. By doing this, you will make sure that you use the herbs more efficiently. Simply when the herb is brown, it’s time to reload.

The Easy Vape Vaporizer vaporizer is build up from three elements; the glass heating element that is connected to the vaporizer, the glass whip and the glass mouth piece. The whips come in three different colors, red, black and white.

When using this Easy Vape you will:

  • Obtain the most active ingredients from your herbs;
  • Get NO smoke into your lungs;
  • Get 5 to 8 draws from the herb comparing with 1-3 draws when smoking;
  • Get NO classic charred or bitter after-taste;
  • Get a Clean Hit;


Choose your Easy Vape 420 accessories

Easy Vape Vaporizer markets the Easy Vape Vaporizer together with 420 accessories that will help in the vaporization process. Starting with prices from $59.97 the Easy Vape comes with herbal grinders, pollen presses, picks , additional glass whips or even with the Sneak*A*Vape portable vaporizer for a discrete use.

420 Accessories

These accessories part of Easy Vape Vaporizer combos are chosen to help in your vaporization process. Each piece has its own role in the vaporization process.

Herbal Grinders and Pollen Press

Titanium Crusher Herb GrinderThe Poker Chip grinder or the Titanium Crusher Herb Grinder are very helpful in your vaporization process. Before placing the herbs into the easy Vape digital vaporizer's bowl you need to grind your herbs so they will vaporize uniformly. Find out more about these grinders by visiting their official website:

Also very handy is the Pollen Press that you can find on TitaniumCrusher.com. Gather the kief and press it and obtain that potent cake which will take your smoking experience to the next level!

Glass Vapor Whips and Vaporizer Picks

Glass Vapor Whip for Easy VapeThe Glass Vapor whips are an essential accessorie of the Easy Vape Vaporizer vaporizer. The are connected to your vaporizer and through them the usel will inhale the vapor. These whips are made out of three parts: the connection glass piece which connects to the Easy Vape heating element, the silicone tube and the glass mouth piece.

The connection piece is made out of glass and can brake that's why is a good idea to always have a backup for that. Actually an extra vapor whip is always handy when your smoking with your friends and you need more whips. You can either buy the Easy Vape Vaporizer combo 5 with 4 extra whips or visit the VaporizerVaporWhip.com to purchase a vapor whip together with a herbal grinder and 5 screens for just $12.95.

Sneak*A*Vape Portable Vaporizer

Sneak*A*Vape is a butane portable vaporizer designed for discrete use. It can act as a pipe or a vaporizer it all depends how you adjust the flame of the lighter. Easy Vape Vaporizer combo 6 markets Easy Vape Vaporizer together with this portable vaporizer and the Poker Chip grinder.

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